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About the Founder

Success Is Directly Proportional To The Craving For Excellence.

With a passion to achieve excellence and the dedication to grow continuously, Ms. Disha Toshniwal, has emboldened Arohana Legal. As the founder and managing partner, her values and expertise play a pivotal role in the upstanding of this leading boutique corporate law firm that caters to businesses, corporates, and startups. Ms. Toshniwal’s journey to an accomplished attorney spanning 9 years has been marked by remarkable fulfilment and professional growth.

From transactional advisory to fundraising, from joint ventures to acquisitions, from conducting comprehensive legal due diligence to negotiating investment terms, Ms. Toshniwal has had extensive experience in various legal matters. In addition, Disha is very well versed in providing day-to-day legal advisory services to companies, including drafting commercial contracts and agreements, structuring employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), and addressing employment law-related matters. 

Her comprehensive expertise within her field stems from her practical experience across various roles during her career. She has successfully advised on various high-profile deals, such as acquisitions involving mining assets, joint ventures in the restaurant industry, and fundraising rounds for startups.

Ms. Toshniwal acted as a legal counsel to clients across diverse industries, including EdTech, Esports, electric vehicle manufacturing, data processing, IT services, mental health awareness platforms, logistics, pharmaceutical companies, and microfinance funds. Her advisory role has extended to equity investments, government approvals, spin-offs, and collaborations in various sectors.

Her expertise extends beyond Mergers & Acquisitions (M&As), transactional advisory, and labour & employment laws to include areas such as cross border transactions, foreign direct investment (FDI), and Foreign Exchange Management. Ms. Toshniwal has acted as a legal counsel for Chinese entities setting up manufacturing units in special economic zones in India and provided legal opinions on compliance and business standing for listing purposes.

In recognition of her remarkable legal career, Ms. Toshniwal was named the Asian Legal Business (ALB) Top Female Lawyer in 2022, underscoring her dedication and leadership in the field. Ms. Disha Toshniwal possesses a comprehensive skill set and a well-documented track record in navigating complex legal matters across a multitude of industries. Her role is instrumental in providing clients with valuable guidance and legal solutions for their business operations, transactions, compliance, and financing activities.

Got featured as the Asian Legal Business (ALB) Top Female Lawyer in 2022