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Capital Restructuring Services

Top-notch execution of capital restructuring, documentation, and negotiation for equity restructuring transactions, assets sale and acquisitions, share swaps, equity spins off between foreign and Indian group companies.

Unlike other Indian legal firms, Arohana Legal is a blend of structured financial practice with an efficacious model of capital restructuring to offer intensive and extensive solutions in our country’s rapidly changing legal realm.

We have successfully carried out:

  • Capital restructuring for large debt accounts of various lenders.
  • Documentation, structuring, and negotiation for loans and assets concerning creditors and debtors.
  • Sale and acquisition of loan portfolios provided by financial institutions and banking infrastructure.
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In order to improve a company's financial health and efficiency, its financial structure needs to be altered, this is known as Capital Restructuring. It is crucial for businesses facing financial challenges or seeking to optimise their capital allocation.

We specialise in a wide range of Capital Restructuring transactions, including restructuring large debt accounts, documentation and negotiation for loans and assets, and the sale and acquisition of loan portfolios from financial institutions.