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Company Secretarial

We offer a wide array of company secretarial services like limited liability partnership incorporation, secretarial compliance audit, company mergers, day-to-day compliances, event-based compliances, and annual compliances.

We are well aware of the value that secretaries in corporate companies hold. Thanks to their extensive range of knowledge and years of experience in working under different corporate and regulatory affairs, our arsenal of adept company secretaries plays an indispensable role.

Our Company Secretarial provides a comprehensive range of the following services:

  • Advisory services on the compliance of Listing Agreement and Corporate Governance, Corporate laws, SEBI regulations, and other related laws.
  • Company incorporation, including Private Limited Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) in the Indian market and even in foreign territories.
  • Secretarial Compliance audit
  • Assisting in company mergers, amalgamations, joint ventures, Initial Public Offering, etc.
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A secretarial compliance audit is a thorough examination of a company's compliance with regulatory requirements and statutory records. Arohana Legal can conduct this audit to identify areas of non-compliance and provide recommendations for rectification, helping your company avoid legal issues and penalties.

With the expertise of the Arohana Legal team, we help with the formation of new corporations, including Limited Liability Partnerships. We not only cater to the Indian markets but also deal in the foreign jurisdiction. Our company secretarial services are also available to international clients looking to establish a presence in India or elsewhere.