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Corporate Commercial

At Arohana Legal, we focus on supplying first-rate corporate commercial legal services ranging from day-to-day transactions to complex corporate transactions like initiating new ventures, legal representation, capital reduction, end-to-end support in M&A transactions, etc.

Corporate commercial being one of our prime-forte practice areas, our seasoned team of proficient experts consult, guide, and assist the clients from legal issues spanning across day-to-day operations to multi-faceted corporate transactions.

We make sure that our clients stride forth on the path of monumental success with top-brass legal assistance on a plethora of corporate commercial activities including starting new ventures, asset transfers, capital reduction, scheme of arrangement, demergers, buy-back of shares, joint ventures, stock swap arrangements, buyouts, raising debt or equity financing, and corporate reorganization.

Regardless of their size, we work with family businesses, entrepreneurs, MNCs, governments, private and public corporations, and non-profit organizations to offer a wide array of corporate commercial services:

  • End-to-end support during Mergers & Acquisitions transactions
  • Strategic alliances
  • Representation in cases of commercial disputes and complicated corporate settlements
  • Inbound and outbound investments
  • Negotiating for the most optimally designed commercial arrangements
  • Ascertaining corporate governance compliance
  • Disposal transactions
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We provide services for various corporate commercial activities like, asset transfers, Mergers & Acquisitions, joint ventures, capital reduction and many more. With your diversity of business comes along our customised solutions.

Corporate governance compliance helps in ensuring that the business practices of the firm are ethical and transparent. By the compliance of these procedures, we help the clients mitigate risks and build trust.

We offer comprehensive support to businesses of all scales. Our expertise ranges from entrepreneurs to MNCs, from family businesses to government bodies and many more.