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We offer comprehensive business guidance, including transactions, and governance, general counsel services, assisting in day-to-day legal needs of the companies, businesses, and startups, including business specific registrations, compliances, corporate governance, making company investment ready, etc.

After carefully hand-picking all the relevant domain knowledge for understanding each client’s particular needs, we assist and consult them in all business-related aspects, including entry point approaches and divestitures, among others. To help our corporate and startup clients take on an infallible commercial journey, we also engage with them in matters related to FEMA and RBI regulations, complicated transactions, and corporate governance along with advisory services on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) such as agreement for royalty rights, registration of trademarks, copyrighting intellectual property, etc.

Moreover, we always strive to keep our clients abreast of the latest developments happening in the legal world. Thus, we update them occasionally about any alterations or foreseeable modifications in the legislative framework.

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Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 [FEMA] and Reserve Bank of India [RBI] regulations play a vital role in financial transactions with respect to foreign securities and exchange. We help our clients by ensuring compliance of these regulations to ensure a smooth commercial journey with legally sound international transactions.

Staying up-to-date about the changes in legal landscape is an important requisite while in the commercial market. With a dedicated team of experts, we keep our clients informed about any modifications in the legislative framework that could affect their operations or compliance requirements.

Complex transactions could be the result of multiple legal facets involved. Arohana Legal is a boutique law firm that provides service in various niches, this enables us to help out in complicated and intricate transactions. We are able to ensure that all the legal facets are comprehensively and efficiently addressed.