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Labour & Employment Management Services

At Arohana Legal, we specialize in assisting the human resource (HR) department on documentation practices, policy formation, and contract building. We also advise on compensation, benefits, and compliance under labour laws for effective workforce management.

After the rapid changes in the workforce management techniques, labour laws, and overall work culture in the Indian legal framework, we have strengthened our foothold in the Labour and Employment sector. We are the go-to law firm for corporate houses and conglomerates who face compliance issues with Indian labor laws.

We offer day-to-day support for HR departments and in-office legal consultants, assist in employment risk management, and offer board-level crucial advice on labor and employment-related issues.

Our 24×7, well-focused team of seasoned legal experts are highly proficient in the following:

  • Drafting and reviewing employee handbooks, company framework policies, employment contracts, and termination-related paperwork.
  • Offering advice on compensation structures.
  • Providing consultancy on the applicability of employee benefits or labour-laws related compliances.


Well drafted employment contracts and policies are pivotal to provide clarity, they ensure the interests and safety of the employees and the employers. They are crucial helping hands that assist to mitigate disputes and ensure a healthy working environment.

We provide support, risk management facilities, and adept advice with respect to HR policies and compliance to labor laws.

With the advancement in legal aspects and workforce dynamics, it is crucial to maintain a good understanding of legalities of labour and employment. Legal support helps in managing employment risks, and ensures fair and lawful practices with workplaces.