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Privacy and Data Protection

Arohana Legal offers assistance in crafting bullet-proof data protection policies, protection management framework, archiving and cataloguing sensitive personal data, documenting and encrypting data for ensuring privacy of our clients.

Many legal issues revolving around data security standards, privacy breaches, data collection measures, data transfer security frameworks, and data sharing protocols vanish in a fraction of a second, with the top-notch privacy and data protection team at our boutique law firm.

Our qualified lawyers with expertise in curating client-specific solutions on legal issues assist our clients in:

  • Creating tailor-made data protection policies
  • Charting out their data protection management framework
  • Categorizing sensitive personal data for future safeguarding purposes
  • Documenting and encrypting data to ensure privacy 
Arohana Legal believes in standing by our clients by assisting clients on domains including data protection, privacy protocols, data localization requirements, encryption controls, and using Aadhaar Card’s data under relevant legal framework as laid down upon by the Supreme Court judgments.
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In this era of science and technology, it is important to maintain privacy and data security. It is important to safeguard sensitive information, user confidentiality, and meet regulatory standards for the same.

Our expert team helps in categorising and safeguarding sensitive data. We offer client-specific solutions, including the creation of customised data protection policies, data management frameworks, and encryption controls.

Privacy breaches can lead to legal, financial, and reputational risks. Arohana Legal helps clients proactively implement data protection measures, including encryption and privacy protocols, to mitigate these risks.