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Sports Law

As experts in sports law, we fulfill the legal needs of sports brands, players, sports authorities, federations and franchises, among others across matters.

Our devout team has an in-depth understanding of and experience in a wide range of sports law areas, including:

  • Exploitation of player rights
  • New media and marketing rights
  • Disciplinary and anti-doping proceedings
  • Anti-corruption practices and measures
  • Sports financing and broadcasting
We at Arohana Legal, acknowledge the significance of intricate legal issues that arise in the sports domain and are well-equipped with all the relevant services to address any problems. We have incorporated sports law into our depository of legal services. This empowers us to guide our clients in navigating the ever-evolving sports industry.
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Absolutely! We at Arohana Legal offer support and guidance to government authorities, sports franchises and other stakeholders involved in the sports industry. Drawing on our expertise in sports law we can effectively address the needs of our clients within the sports sector.

Protecting player rights includes ensuring compliance with contracts, fair treatment for athletes and proper representation. We play a role in aiding athletes by negotiating contracts on their behalf. Additionally, we assist them in navigating endorsement deals and resolving disputes that may arise.

Yes, we do! Our team of experts possesses experience in negotiating contracts that protect both player rights as well as marketing opportunities for athletes and sports brands. We strive to help players and brands maximize their potential by leveraging their rights while dealing with contractual arrangements prevalent within the dynamic landscape of the sports industry.